“How to Reject a Board Nomination”


Good Afternoon,

I would like to respectfully decline my nomination at this time, as I see what you all go through on a weekly basis, and while I may be a bit of a crack pot, I’m not clinically insane.  Should an emergency situation arise, such as you’re all killed in a flogging (not that sexy “50 Shades Type” either) over costumes or ice time or teenage drama mamas attack, please consider me in.  You know I’m always here to help in any way I can.  As long as it’s not sewing.  I missed the June Cleaver class.​  Oh, and organization.  Max is more organized than I am.
You’ve all done an outstanding job and I commend you.  It seems a few of the kids and a lot of the parents this year need a smack.  I’m never politically correct or hold my tongue – another area which may be problematic were I to join the board.  While we’re discussing it, should my own child (or myself) ever require smacking – please do so.  It takes a village.
Trust me when I tell you I’m doing you a huge favor my rejecting the nomination.  There will be a party at my place with a human piñata when I find out who nominated me…you’re all invited…there will be tequila jello shots, not candy, I’m sorry.


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